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As we welcome Spring and all that this lovely season has to offer, it’s only natural to start trying new trends.

The trends we are loving this season? Well lets start by saying how excited we are for the golden trend. We all know summer is the season of gold jewelry. But did you know that the recent Spring, Summer and even Fall trends have all signs point to GOLD! Yes, gold is making a true comeback. And we at Adorn Me are so here for this one.

Excited about gold as well? Here are a few lines to ask for when you come in to shop!

  • Ania Haie
  • Waxing Poetic
  • Stia
  • Lafonn

Dainty Layered Pieces, or as we like to call them, the new classic. I know all of us at Adorn Me hope this trend is here to stay. Whether you plan on keeping it simple or layering several simple sweet necklace, this trend is the gift that keeps on giving. You can freshen up a look in a matter of seconds when you layer a few pieces together. For those of you who might not be a necklace fan, don’t fret! This trend is not just limited to the necklaces. Layered bracelets and even a dainty middle finger ring are great ways to rock this trend without feeling too out of your comfort zone!

Ready to shake things up and try the layered look? Here are a few of our personal favorites that we have in stock at Adorn Me!

  • Katie Loxton
  • Spartina
  • Rachel Reinhardt
  • Ania Haie
  • Holly Yashi

Last but never least is this seasons handbag trend. Beaded bags are a spring time MUST! When done right this trend can be very versatile. Of course a beaded bag is a fantastic accessory for those date nights out. But what I really love is when you pair it with a white tee and some great denim for a daytime errands run. Either way you are sure to spicy up the day or night with one of how amazing bags by Mary Frances. They are all hand beaded and exclusively at Adorn Me!

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